Thursday, January 19, 2017

Travelling Kept Them Together

People often say that best friends make best couple. Is this true? Often we don’t expect anything from friends and thus the relation goes on smoothly, but love and friendship aren’t the same.
Stuti and Shourya were best buddies since first year of college. From hanging out together to sharing their grief, from studying together to cheating in exams, they were always together. When this bond started forming a new bond called love, they couldn’t figure out. The summer break was about to start and Shourya didn’t know whether to propose her or not. He had a doubt that this move may ruin their friendship too. There was an adrenalin rush and it resulted into the proposal “Stuti!! I love you”. Love won over friendship, Stuti was happy and shocked at the same time. The journey started “From friends to lovers”

First few months went quite happily and they were excited about being together but the story wasn’t the same later.
 He was mountains, she was sea, miles apart from each other. The differences began to ooze out and quarrels started. The relationship which was found on the base of happiness had windows for pain and tears.
That evening Stuti called him to meet her on beach where they often used to go. Unlike the warmth of city of Chennai which was witness to their love from the very beginning, their relationship began to get cold.
They met and as expected, Stuti wanted to end the relationship. Despite so many requests from him to give it one more try, she refused and was adamant on her decision. Finally he asked for last one thing to which, she agreed.
“I want us to take a trip together before parting our ways”
It was decided that they would go to Kodaikanal and that would be the last trip as a couple. Tickets were booked, hotel was selected and they were ready for the trip. Only thing Shourya wanted from this trip was to live every moment.
They boarded the bus and the whole night Stuti slept on his shoulders and he kept gazing at her face. It was 6.30 a.m. when they reached. The weather was cool and as usual Stuti started sneezing, she couldn’t bear much cold. He suggested to have a cup of ginger tea and she agreed. As his habit Shourya lit the cigarette and was startled when Stuti asked for it. He knew she doesn’t smoke but she wanted to try so he taught her the art of smoking. From there they headed towards the hotel and slipped into the blanket. Tiredness and the warmth did their job well and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.
“You were so comfortable” Stuti said which brought a smile on his face.
Cycling beside the lake, eating Maggi in the hills somehow strengthened the weak bond. During the trek he kept on supporting her, holding her tight whenever she needed, boosting her morally. He tried his best to give her everything which he couldn’t do.
It was almost 9 p.m. and the roads were almost empty. Suddenly Stuti held his hand and started walking. There was silence and the winds, the stars looking at the couple who were holding hands and moving silently.
They returned back to the hotel and ordered drinks for them. What could have been more luxurious than drinks in hand and the view of hills with lights in its full glory and a sweet romantic Hindi song. There was romance in the air but they were still apart. Shourya took the initiative and went close to her. He held her hand and responding she got up from the chair. It was booze or the environment which made them high, they didn’t know. They came closer and their lips met after months. The cool breeze, dim light and the romantic song added more flavour to it.
In the morning they smiled looking at each other. The hicckey on his chest and on her neck narrated the entire story. The tea was ready to be sipped but this time, she was in his lap looking through the window. The two cups became one again and so did they.